Dys-Function, Right Here!!!!!

Deviance in the eyes of a functionalist is any thing that changes a social practices  function in society.  Concerning sport, many things have significant contribution or signification contribution in the sports world.  The contribution of the practice will be established as a norm, an ongoing contribution. However, if that practice is changed, the contribution and its role in sports society may change.  On a larger scale, sports it self has the function of aiding in socialization. As people deviate from the norms of sport, its contribution to socialization may change.

For example, children began social development at a young. The participation in youth sports is intended it aid in socialization. However, youth sports has become more about parents living out old dreams through their child than being active and socializing. Kids are pushed to extreme limits. Top performers are treated better than the average player. Coaches preach perfection and winning rather than learn from mistakes and effort. At young ages, the average performing kids will feel left out and not want to associate with the rest of the team. That creates a decline in the social development of the kid. Social Development was one of youth sports functions in  society. Yet, many youth teams are deviating from that. Youth sport’s function is deviating from social development to ,essentially, prep leagues for high school sports.



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