Black=Athletic ; White=Smart

Racial stacking has been an issue throughout the history of sport. Some groups blame the racist past of our Country, Or they may blame it on the natural attributes of the athlete. Black players were discriminated from leading positions due to there color. Quarterbacks were always white, and running backs were all black. Coaches in the past, and maybe today, did not want a N**** to lead their team.   On the other side, the athleticism of black athletes was utilized at skill positions. Perceptions of intellectual ability and athletic ability may the result of socio-economical status. I would also suggest that athleticism is genetic. One could argue that their is not a genetical difference between races. However, one can not ignore the difference in data recorded.  There is a genetic difference between race that attributes to certain skills. How often do you see black swimmers in olympics? How often do you see olympic sprinters medalist who do not have west african ancestry? How often do you see non east African distance runners place in top 3? How often do you see black olympic lifters?  Yes, there are outliers. (Ryan Hall-white american distance runner, Kendrick Farris-african american weightlifter, Cullen Jones-african american silver medalist in swimming).

Another cause to racial stacking, could be that players are choosing positions of the athlete they idolize.  They may be direct result of the racial segregation of the past.  Players are going to mimic their idols. Their idols most likely will be some one of the same race. Football players of the 40’s may have been discriminated an placed in their position. An athlete from this more modern era may look back an idolize that athlete and choose his position.



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